echoing our founder Lesego Serolong Holzapfel’s African roots tracing back to the San people of the Kalahari

Just as water sustains life, so does wine. It fosters connection, it inspires, it celebrates. For thousands of years, across cultures, it has been a symbol of shared experiences, rituals, and traditions that nourish the human spirit.

Moedi Wines crafts exceptional wines and shares it worldwide. The ‘O’ in Moedi signifies collaboration, like the harmonious structure of a beehive. Here, friends come together to create wines that bridge Africa to the world and the world back to Africa.

“Bees feed the world and they help produce the grapes that become Moedi wines.”


It’s about courage and innovation

Each sip of Moedi wine symbolizes courage and innovation. With every glass, you support beekeepers in rural villages in South Africa, securing sustainable income through Bee Loved Honey, our social impact sister company. At the same time, the natural environment takes a step closer to healing, ensuring that we can continue producing world-class wines. Through this harmonious cycle, we can once again share a taste of the African spirit with the world.